SHIPMOOR is an easy-to-use, internet-based application that facilitates mooring analysis and 3D visualisation of the mooring arrangement.

Primarily designed to make the mooring analysis of an LNG carrier alongside a berth a straightforward process and reduce the likelihood of error with pre-entered ship and berth data, SHIPMOOR uses the combined power of multiple cloud-based servers to compute the static (Phase I) and dynamic mooring (Phase II) analysis for your vessel.

SHIPMOOR can be used by all ship types to validate their mooring arrangement against berth-specific conditions and in the case of tankers to validate those results against OCIMF environmental criteria.

Why choose SHIPMOOR?
  • No installation
  • Always up to date
  • Easy to use
  • Annual subscription
  • Accurate LNG terminal data
  • Ship particulars entered prior to your use
  • Provides both static and dynamic mooring calculations
Features and benefits of SHIPMOOR:
  • Embedded within the LNG Port information web portal
  • Mooring analysis system has 40 years of industry development and use
  • Quick, reliable and accurate ship/shore mooring analysis
  • 3D interactive tool for development of mooring plans
  • LNG carrier information stored includes:
    • Mooring point location and capacities
    • Hull form, draughts and trim
    • Manifold location
    • Deck elevation
    • Mooring line and tail specifications
  • Terminal information stored includes:
    • Berth layout
    • Fender and mooring hook types and capacities
    • Gangway
    • Marine loading arms location and maximum permissible movement
  • Report outputs available using a range of formats and levels of detail:
    • Reports include: overview, detailed, wind sweep, etc.
    • Reports are issued as PDFs by email
  • Incorporates OCIMF guidelines